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What's growing on at Wyatt's?


Summertime at Wyatt's means color! We have a fresh batch of 5" cups and 10" hanging baskets, filled with a new palette of colorful petunias!

Mums have arrived, and are being tended to, but won't be ready until August or so. We will have our usual selection of colors, ranging from pans, and 5" cups, to porch pots, and hanging baskets.

We are out of firewood and un-dyed mulch; cypress, cedar, and pine, but we do have plenty of black and brown Golden Trophy brand mulch, as well as plenty of bagged topsoil!

Finally, our Summer Sale is upon us, and with it, all plastic hanging baskets, up to 12", are buy one, get one. Also, all annual flats are $15.99, 5" cups are $3.99, and our 1 gallon perennials are $7.99 or 5 for $35.

Whether something in the garden fizzled out, or you're just looking to add more, more, more, we look forward to helping you with all your plant needs! See you soon!

Please check out our Facebook page for more up to date information!

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