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We've been part of the community for over 100 years. Find out more about our journey here.

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What's growing on at Wyatt's?

  • Bulk Topsoil and Mulch

  • Foxfarm Garden Products
  • Compressed Sphagnum Peat Moss

  • Firewood

  • ​Expert Advice
  • Custom Hanging Baskets

  • Combination Planters
  • Grub and Moss Control 

  • Potting and Garden Soil

  • ​Trees and Shrubs

After the busiest Spring that Wyatt's has seen in over 40 years, we are running low low low on most items, if not completely sold out.

We are currently sold out of the following: all bagged goods, mulch, topsoil, compost/manure, peat, but we do expect more in. Flowers by flat, we are out of marigolds, flowering vinca, petunias, portulaca, and unfortunately we cannot get more in. We are out of firewood and bales of straw, and are not sure if or when we will be getting more.

Our vegetable selection is very limited as well, with just a few flats left of peppers, cucumbers and squash. The tomatoes that we have now will be the last tomatoes available to us, so if you've been waiting, the time is now!

We do still have a decent selection of hanging annual baskets, as well as a bevy of perennials. Mums will be arriving in the next few weeks, to be ready at the normal time of late Summer/early Fall.

Bulk mulch did just arrive, as well as bulk topsoil. We have been waiting on bagged mulch and garden soil products since before Memorial Day, and we hope to receive it in the following days. 

To all of our regulars looking for your items for your garden, we do apologize for the limited selection left, everything went fast and early this year.

Our Advice

You take pride in your garden, and if anything goes wrong, rest assured, we are only a phone call away.

Our Products

We are proud to offer an array of products and materials for all your gardening needs.

  • Annuals/Perennials

  • Vegetable Flats

  • Deer and Rabbit Repellent 
  • Fungicides and Pesticides
  • ​Succulents