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You take pride in your garden, and if anything goes wrong, rest assured, we are only a phone call away.

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We've been part of the community for over 100 years. Find out more about our journey here.

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​We had a fall pun, but it was too corn-y!

Let's start with, MUMS MUMS MUMS! We have mums of all sizes and colors, some closer to bloom, some still a few weeks out. 5" cups, 8" pans, 10" and up porch pots, as well as a few sizes of hanging mums!

The firewood that came in towards mid-summer is finally drying/dried out, and we're working on getting out Nexus house loaded with pallets of dry wood for the fall and winter. We are able to deliver on any order over 160 pieces, we just ask for at least a 24 hour heads up.

Pumpkins, straw, and cornstalks have all started to appear around the greenhouse, along with our spooky Halloween decor! Stop in and check out our ghastly display!

Finally, on a more serious note, it's never easy to say goodbye to our friends, especially the furry ones with four legs. Last Christmas we lost our pup Sadie, and over the summer, Binx and Digi, our kitties, also passed. Although we love them and miss them dearly, we know they knew they were loved, and enjoyed all the pets and visits from all of you over the years. Thank you Sadie, Binx, and Digi, for making our greenhouse feel warm and special while you were here with us <3.

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