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As if the heat wasn't enough to tell you, we're officially in summer! First and foremost, if we are to be getting continued heat and little rain, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, check on your plants. Even established perennials and trees are thirsty. Avoid watering the foliage when possible, and hold off on fertilizing until it cools down.

We finally have bagged topsoil and mulch, brown and black, as well as The Cow and sphagnum peat moss. Bulk black mulch and topsoil is available as well.

If you're driving by, you may have noticed the wood piles. It came into us a little heavy and not as seasoned as usual. If you have old wood and can get the embers hot, it shouldn't be an issue, but without material to get your fire going, the wood will need another month or so (mid-August) to dry out some more. We have been stacking and flipping the piles to speed up the process. 

With fall fast approaching, we expect to have our mums for sale starting the middle to end of August. We recently finished planting them, and are now waiting to make sure they root properly. We will have the usual mum pans available, as well as larger porch pots and hanging baskets.

Lastly, as of 7-16-2020, we are requiring our customers to wear a face mask at all times while on the property, no exceptions. No mask = No service. We thank you for your understanding, and hope you are all continuing to stay safe!